I had different teachers, my first one was Jost Hochuli who was inspired by Alfred Fairbank and Eduard Johnston, then I learned a lot of Kate Wolff, who has huge skills in writing the Trajan with the broad nipped brush, and the third one is Barbara Calzolari, she is a real master in spencerian, she got the title of a penman, even though I think they should call her a penwoman. My “Emotions” draft is inspired by the way she writes.
– by Roland Stieger

There are good books to start with, for example:
– The stroke, from Gerrit Noordzij
– The Origin of the Serif, Edward Catich
– Corso di calligrafia, Barbara Calzolari
– Die Kunst des Schreibens, David Harris
– Calligraphy, Claude Mediavilla / Scirpus Publications
– Writing and Illuminating and Lettering Edward Johnston
Michael Sull
Roland Stieger

So if you have any suggestions you can comment below and we will get huge library of calligraphy here.


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