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Photo book is awesome design template with simple style to create a positive impression about the story of your life.

Available in different formats Illustrator Eps, Photoshop, InDesign

Available in 2 paper sizes A4  US letter

Main Features Unique style Editable 3 Patterns included Free Fonts used Icon Set  2 paper sizes Print Ready: CMYK, 300dpi

About Fonts:

1 page – all information could be easily found below. Download fonts and install them. After that you can find that everything is editable.

2 page – After installation fonts you can find that on that page are 2 phrases that are not editable. That is because they are hand-drawn. They are: “Away we go!” and “My best friends”. Well this is very petty but to find fonts that exactly drawn this way wasn’t my idea. It is more easily to scratch you own with pencil or wacom.

6 page – Here you can see the “2014”. You can edit it in illustrator file. But in PSD this is not editable. That is because of used filter in illustrator file. Please open  Photo-album_Template_US(A4)-06.ai and find “2014” there. Edit and save for your purpose for PSD file. This effect of hand-drawn can be useful for any type. Have a good creative.

The free fonts are used can easy to download and install PT-Sans Pompadour Lavanderia EastMarket dancing-script-v1.2 Wisdom_Script_Commercial Fairview Personal

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by Dovidenko @stasdodesign

#stasdodesign #design #presentation


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Профессиональный дизайнерский подход в создании презентации для компании, которые организуют внутренние или внешние коммуникации, дается с той скоростью и эффективностью, какую топ-менеджеры заслуживают и ожидают.

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